Workshop on Neurogeometry and other (related) problems

Humpolec - 04-02-2014/04-06-2014

The scientific programme starts at Thursday morning (the arrival is scheduled on Wednesday evening). The end of the workshop is expected on Sunday afternoon.

The town of Humpolec lies in Bohemian-Moravian highlands. The surrounding nature offers excellent atmosphere for scientists. The private brewery Bernard is located in the town.

You can check the venue here.

Presentation of lectures:

Peter Michor Overview on geometries of shape spaces, diffeomorphism groups, and spaces of Riemannian metrics

Martins Bruveris Completeness properties of diffeomorphis­m groups

Dmitri Alekseevski Cohomogeneity one Kähler and Kähler-Einstein manifolds with one singular orbit

Alexei Remizov Image reconstruction via hypoelliptic diffusion

Valentin Lychagin Two faces of sl2( C)

Evgeny Malkovich Construction of metrics with special holonomies via geometrical flows

Vladimír Souček BGG complexes in singular infinitesimal character on Grassmannians

Olga Rossi Hamilton-De Donder systems and connections Humpolec copy.pdf

Andreas Arvanityergos Homogeneous einstein metrics on Stiefel manifolds and classical Lie groups

Yaroslav Bazaykin Stability of integral persistence diagrams